I always marveled at this building on 100th Street and Broadway, till they completely renovated it. It seemed like a building which one might have found in Kansas during the late nineteenth century…


©Matt Weber

4 thoughts on ““La Tacita de Oro”

  1. I’ve seen some of your work before, and just found this site today, I’m enjoying browsing here– you have a wonderful eye for the street. But I have to comment on this one–we lived a block from here from the late 70’s to ’94 and boy do I remember what an interesting anomaly this building always was. Actually I recognize a lot of your scenes from this era.

  2. Hola amigo fui un cliente de ustedes x muchos años, vivi en la 360 w 96 st. los molesto por quiciera saber como se prepara el “CHI OIL”, un picante que siempre me gusto de ustedes,yo he tratado de muchas maneras y pudo optenerlo,le aradecere su repuesta,me despido con un gran recuerdo de hese negocio donde difrute del tiempo y de su comidas. Gracias

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