With all the focus on Occupy Wall Street these days, I felt like pointing out that there is a block in midtown where the people are even greedier if you can believe that. On West 47th Street I always get a very weird and creepy feeling as I walk down the block. I feel like all the men trying to usher me into their little shops are fucking creatures, barely human. Money has left them so stripped of any other quality worth mentioning. I see no saving grace for any of the merchants who pander to people in love, and then sell them shiny little pebbles as a symbol of true love. I have always hated the whole concept of diamonds and wondered how they have managed to mesmerize so many generations of women into craving them…

I stopped for a second and then split, nausea building up inside me. I felt the same way in Vegas, and barely spent an hour there…

©Matt Weber

3 thoughts on “Diamonds are NOT your best friend!

  1. I have never understood the lure of diamonds either. Not even a little.

    I went to Las Vegas for the first time a couple years ago and made sure to bring a variety of cameras and lots of film with me to capture the spectacle. But when I got there I found it all so incredibly phony and off-putting that I was barely inspired to take any photos at all.

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