The search of my archives has allowed to me to find a few images which I don’t remember taking, but was very pleased to find!


Street Photography © Matt Weber

4 thoughts on “World Trade Center 1989

  1. I don’t know how I feel about Sunday because the media will milk this for the ratings and while it was a huge story, is the coverage going to be done in tasteful way?
    The story is more about how we as a country have responded to the attacks, than the attacks which were horrible and the act of a few psychos. I’m not good at making
    sense of all the ramifications, but I know that all the experts will try and tell us their point of view and as usual, politics will be the driving force behind much of the coverage.
    No one will really be able to convince me of their point of view because of the politics, which I am so tired of…This red state -blue state shit is too horrible and has split
    America in half!

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