I forgot about this picture and considering my love for old advertising, this is a picture I’m pretty happy with. Making way for a skyscraper, these 100 year old Omega Oil ads appeared briefly for a few months before being covered for another 100 years…


Street Photography © Matt Weber

4 thoughts on “Lincoln Center 1995

  1. That is a great shot. Having such limited history, I guess these old ads are our equivalent to ancient, centuries old cave drawings found in other parts of the world. 🙂

    Whenever I visit Lincoln Center, I think of the film West Side Story. From what I’ve read, they filmed the opening scenes exactly where Lincoln Center stands today. At the time of filming (1960 or 61), they were just beginning to demolish the buildings. The set designers had to restore some windows and storefronts to make them look legit for the cameras.

  2. Every now and then when a store closes the construction workers will reveal an ancient ad that was covered by a newer one. That’s always fun. West Side Story was shot there and I went to school on 61st St. & Amsterdam and there was still this little old candy store which was the last trace of that whole neighborhood which they raised…I suppose Lincoln Center has delivered more to the world than a few thousand poor tenement dwellers ever could have…

  3. If i have given a chance, i would title this “the feminine side”.

    This is a wonderful image! it looks boring when you look at it for the first time, but when you stare at it, move your eyes around looking at each element and think about what is behind the women, their shadows, the construction fence, the wall, the advertisement, the scaffolding, the telephone post and those windows, you’ll see a story, a history in front of you!

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