I use to shoot pictures at 65 MPH as I steered with my knees and adjusted Electric Ladyland with my other hand…

Street Photography © Matt Weber

8 thoughts on “The Cross Bronx Expressway 1990

  1. Dear Matt-

    Don’t stop that excellent behavior now, how great pictures are made. Maybe modify, slow down to 55. I like the Hendrix part, I listened to Electric Ladyland last week. The magic carpet waits…

  2. this is the iconic construction which was responsible for creating a natural division in the Bronx between the east and west, and keeping all the poor on one side of the bx. Just 15 years earlier before this pic was taken, it was constructed. This pic in 1990 still shows the last of the remaining burnt-out buildings of the 1970s, a few years before Giuliani’s new york came into being. This is a highly transitional piece, very beautiful.

  3. Sam…..if you referencing the Cross Bronx Expressway….it separates North and South. The buildings shown are on Fulton Avenue and have all since been renovated. Bathgate Ave., just south of the Expressway and west of Fulton, remains a vast vacant wasteland to this day. To blame the demise of the Bronx on the Cross Bronx Expressway is myopic, there were many factors involved. The public housing movement was as primary a failure as any. The long for the space of suburbs and other factors were at play long before the Cross Bronx Expressway cut a swath through Tremont in the early 60s.

  4. Considering I always sit on the cross Bronx like I’m in a parking lot, the highway is still heavily traveled. I guess its very necessary…Housing projects did turn out to be a terrible move,
    but they probably seemed brilliant on paper and were one of those things which many people were wrong about, although Moses had the final say…Thanks for the update!

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