Rather than continuing to post pictures of New York back in the ’80s when it looked like it had just been nuked, I figure it’s time for a nice springtime moment…

All Photos © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on ““Spring Flowers” 2011

  1. Nice to see NYC is enjoying a real Spring.

    Here in Milwaukee, we’ve been robbed for some reason. I’d like to think it’s God’s way of punishing Wisconsin for electing Scott Walker as Governor.

    We’ve had only a few sunny, warm days the entire season. Today it’s 46 degrees and extremely windy. I can’t remember a Spring like this ever before.

    Don’t take your Spring for granted. 🙂

  2. NYC often goes from winter to summer in just a couple of weeks and spring is just a few rainy days…Walker is a bummer and I find it hard to believe that people constantly vote against their own interests…FOX does an excellent job brainwashing people into seeing their POV…

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