To think I didn’t buy Apple stock when it was $6 a share in 1998…I pondered it, but took my broker’s advice, and I ended up broke!

All Photos © Matt Weber

4 thoughts on ““Appleheads” 2011

  1. You could start your own Starbucks franchise and charge people for taking up valuable space and time by sitting on their laptops for 3 hours at a time while sipping on their $3-4 drink. 🙂

    This coming from someone who’s old fashioned and believes coffee shops are for reading BOOKS and meeting interesting, new people.

  2. LOL @ Matt H.

    Hey, at least the dude in the corner hasn’t been completely ostracized like the girl in the lower left corner.

    She’s been left with nothing but her thoughts. That could be dangerous in this day and age. 🙂

  3. The corner is for “Dell Dunces” pretty funny…I hate when I laugh out loud at a Starbux and all the heads turn and scowl at me for my rudeness. The $4 latte really makes them feel like the place is their office and that they have paid rent!

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