© Matt Weber

3 thoughts on “Hollywood 1992

  1. Did you spend time in Hollywood, Matt, or were you visiting?

    I’ve never been to the west coast.

    What were your impressions…from both a photography and personal viewpoint?

    I think your photo definitely captures a mood and I suspect it hasn’t changed much since this pics was taken in 1992?

  2. I was there for just a few days and wish that I’d have spent the whole summer there. I don’t know if I liked LA or not. Frisco, and in particular Berkeley was more mellow and I guess I liked that town more. I spent three hours in Vegas and had to leave. That was one weird and depressing place…

  3. I’ve lived in Berkeley and Hollywood, and I wish you had spent a year in each. I’d happily spend another few days of my life studying your photos from those places.

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