All of us “Eisenhower Babies” are getting old. Soon we’ll be like him. This guy probably served in WW II and now has to navigate through a gauntlet of punks just to go shopping. How do I know they are punks? Every third word that they utter is NIGGER. Most of them aren’t even black and it’s their favorite word by miles. I know that I didn’t grow up in Washington Heights where many of them live, but 40 years ago, this neighborhood wasn’t the yuppy filled place that is now. We knew enough about history not to throw around the “N” word…I’d hope that gangster culture as attractive as it for the young ones of today, gives way to a more peaceful and less angry attitude…

All Photos © Matt Weber

4 thoughts on “Columbus Ave. 2006

  1. Excellent! And I hope that what you hope comes to fruition, for all cultures, in fact, to assume peaceful attitudes…it would just make life easier and more pleasant for all.

  2. Every time is see something like this, it makes me sad.
    But the saddest thing about it… same shit is everywhere around the globe.

    P.S. Sorry for poor english.

  3. Your English is better than my Spanish…The gangster culture is somehow glamorous to these kids. I hate it. I don’t know aht else to say. I remember when the exact opposite was a way of life…

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