I love this photo. It’s not good to like your work too much. I have been looking at this picture for a few weeks. It’s not the girl, but of course without her, there’s no picture. Is it as simple as the red shirt? I didn’t increase the saturation at all. Maybe the film was overexposed a bit. I just like this one..

All Photos © Matt Weber

8 thoughts on “Times Sq. (Duffy Sq.) 2010

  1. What makes it is the directness of her gaze and the expression on her face. The extremely primary colors mixed with the gray pallor of midtown is a bonus, as is the m’s on her very yellow bag and the m on the very blue banner above her head. And, lets not overlook the necessity of the two girls with the flags, without which there would be no counter balance to the girly in red. Lots going on here, what’s not to like?

  2. Yes, her face is what draws one into the picture. The colors are a plus, but even in black and white her expression would be the pull of the picture. Everything about the frame helps keep her the center of attention — like the receding lines of the avenue and the depth of field. And, the fact that the lower part of the frame is contained by the feet and legs as well as the black strap of the shoulder bag on the right. Everything in its right place. I see why you like this one so much.

  3. Thanks Michael…I find it interesting how over time, the way one looks at an image, whether it be their own or not, changes. Sometimes a photo starts looking weaker and weaker as time passes…

  4. Steve, I did place your image next to her and they are very similar, but I’m sure the young lady wasn’t quite as shell shocked by my tiny Leica as the soldier…An interesting diptych for sure…

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