Finding a Pro-Palestinian Hasidic Jew is probably harder than A Pro-Choice Evangelical Christian. This young man is brave to do this considering 99% of his neighbors and family most likely condemn his viewpoint and actions…

© Matt Weber

9 thoughts on “Times Sq. 2010

  1. He is part of the Neturei Karta ( sect of extremely Orthodox Judaism, one which goes against the main tenets and basic principles of modern, mainstream Orthodox Judaism. A few years back, when Yasser Arafat was on his deathbed, these are the guys who were photographed keeping vigil outside his hospital window.

  2. Good for them…I hate the religion over there more than anywhere else. They can take an unpopular stand for peace or…just keep killing each other for the next 2,000 years. I’m not saying Arafat was OK…Having read the link you posted, I’d say they are basically insane. But I already feel that way about ALL fundamental religion, Christians too…

  3. I do as well, feel the same way about all fundamental religion. I think religion can be lovely, when it is something that encourages others to act kindly toward one another but, by and large, as we both know so well it is not the case. Also, Neturei Karta’s unpopular stand is not necessarily for peace as it is a strong response to their belief that Israel should not be a state until The Messiah comes. Ah, our crazy world. Sigh….

  4. Yes, great shot! Too bad, this whole god thing will probably be the end of us all. As far as I’m concerned, religion has outlived it’s usefulness. I call for no more blind beliefs, just take the universal teachings from all of them and consider it the pragmatic and useful thing to do so we don’t all go up in a puff of smoke.

  5. Having been old enough to have many a nightmare based on the “Soviet threat”, I can’t believe that in this post cold war period, I still have to worry about a religious kook somehow getting a suitcase nuke or building a dirty bomb, in the name of his version of god…

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