Having just returned home on that dreadful morning, I did what anyone would do, and turned on the TV. George W Bush (or Chimpy as many later called him) was coming into form, after a very feeble start. I was shocked by the SEVEN minutes as much as anybody. I had hoped that “The Seven Minutes” would remain a novel by Irving Wallace and not this new footnote in American history. People were either shocked by how inept Bush was, or if they’d voted for him, they gave him a pass, saying he was under incredible pressure. Either way, this was the beginning of “A Brave New World” and the results of the massacre that morning will be felt for a very long time…

All Photos © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on “September 11th 2001

  1. I have a good remember of his intervention at TV , really bad.
    But, from France the photos and video from NY was so horrible and incredible that we didn’t focus on Bush..

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