I can’t believe how long I’ve been pouring through these subway negatives looking for the one’s I’ve deemed worthy to publish…Monotony is part of the job I guess…

All Photos © Matt Weber

6 thoughts on “B.M.T. 2004-5

  1. Can’t believe how you did this picture. I mean, she’s lookin right in your direction without recognizing the camera? You should become something like an undercover agent!

  2. She knows, and I didn’t feel comfortable at all…The poster was ironic of course because if the policewoman could have jumped out of the poster,
    she would have had been very unhappy with my behavior, and I wouldn’t have taken the picture…

  3. I like this one very much, Matt.

    When i´m “discovered” while photographing I try to talk to the subject, explaining what I´m about. I even have small bussinesscard to hand out so that they can contact me if they like. That usually does the trick.

  4. Well, after snapping a picture without asking, some people are so pissed that giving then your contact info could be a mistake. I agree with the idea on paper…
    Maybe a small book of pictures is the better way to go for me, but I travel light, and don’t like carrying things…

  5. I imagine that using such a camera would catch the attention of the people you photograph. I would honestly be too anxious to take photos in the subway with an actual camera (rather then something discreet like a phone).

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