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9 thoughts on “NYC 2010

  1. Money talks, bullshit walks…they are all headed to the Path train, having finished their day’s work…As much as I despise corporate America and banks in particular, this depression is kicking me in the butt so hard, that I’d almost go work for JP Moregain or Goldman sucks…No, I’d actually wait on a breadline first…

  2. Hahahahahaha, this is brilliant. It summarises what I have come to fear! I’m about to truly “start” my life. Meaning 9-5 for the next 30 odd years! It scares the crap out of me thinking about that, because any way i look at it…..I don’t want to do it. I want my life, Not to live serving someone elses!

    Oh why not, Shove technology down our throats to disollusion us about the quality of our lives. Matter of fact is, were less tied to our choices then ever before.

    I say yay, breadline before selling my soul.

    Fuck it, I will live as I see fit.

  3. It’s easy to say it, but when you start having kids, it’s very hard not to do what ever you can to support them…Live your dreams while you can, because sometimes the clock catches up with you…

  4. This is a shot I’ve been trying to take for a long time but never seem to get. But of course, you’ve done it perfectly here.

  5. Excellent capture of those fortunate to be employed. Over the past decade I’ve come to the realization that I’ll most likely have to work till I drop dead, hoping I can keep my anatomy in tact until then. The problem now is finding the work.

    I watched an ant colony at work in my back yard earlier today for quite some time. I couldn’t detect any ants that appeared to be unemployed. They must be socialists.

  6. I have merely a comment on the photo, not life or society in general. 🙂

    I love how this is almost anti-street photography, in the sense that you are very obviously not stealthy in your capture. Stop, turn around, get in the way, cause problems, and get people looking at you all annoyed. And yet it’s a crowd, so no one is likely to feel singled out. Just curious and annoyed that you’re standing there like a dork with a camera. Very cool.

    Oh ok, I’ve got one comment on life. It *is* possible to have children, make money, avoid a job you don’t want and follow your dream. You just have to start. And then continue. And be so full of conviction that your loved ones never doubt you, even through the hard times.

  7. Matt, you’re right, but the wife can have other plans or visions than you do. Mine wanted me to provide a “White Collar” salary and the security which comes with it. The marriage ended badly and left me disillusioned and wondering how I could have been so bad in picking a partner. Money fucks up a lot of marriages but I thought since I didn’t promise a rose garden, I would be spared the indignity of being called a loser on a daily basis…

    Keep that in mind before walking down any aisle…

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