Getting old is something I’ve been doing lately…Trying to capture it on film is something I’ve been doing since I was, young…

All Photos © Matt Weber

8 thoughts on “NYC 2010

  1. I attempted to do a project around this same subject. I had some of the best conversations this whole year with every 5 minutes spent with someone old.

  2. Old people who remember the past can teach us much. I have always treasured the few old timers I’ve known.
    Their memories of the depression and the second world war are important firsthand descriptions that can illuminate one beyond reading a book on the subject.
    I knew a holocaust survivor very well and his descriptions of what he had to endure made me understand that part of history a little bit more than I would have.

    1. Too true, There’s a great misconception here in the U.K over old people being useless. It’s incredibly sad. It dazes me to know some people have experienced all that’s happened in the world since the 1900’s. From human folly to human goodness and all thats in between! I miss my grandparents stories.

  3. The people born in the Victorian age were able to see or read about the Wright bros first flight in 1903 and if they were lucky to see old age, they also were witness to the Apollo moon missions. That must have been amazing, to be amazed twice in the same lifetime…(Throw in the A-Bomb in ’45 and you have three totally unthinkable events!)

  4. True…How about a cure for most types of cancer…It would also make someone a lot of money, so it is probably in the works.
    When the men landed on the moon I was just a kid and I figured that by the time I was old, cancer would have been obliterated…

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