Andre Kertesz the great Hungarian photographer once said he waited his whole life to take a picture of a pigeon flying in front of a tenement. (It was an amazing photo) I felt that way about this image. I could easily have gone a hundred years without being this lucky again…

This picture is NOT in my book, “The Urban Prisoner” but is used to decorate the back of the dust jacket. I have a few copies of the book which I will sell to anyone interested for $60 signed or inscribed. I will pay for the shipping as well. Paypal me and the book will appear in just three days. You can’t beat that with a stick! (A silly saying that I never liked)

All Photos © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on ““Perfect Kiss” 2003

  1. I’ve seen this picture from you so many times! And every time, I thought of it like a drawing and not a photo until now. It’s just very painterly. Like a charcoal drawing that leaves the drawing on your hands after you touch it.

    It’s cropped, yea?
    PS., Thank you kindly for your email a while back.

  2. It’s cropped as much as a photo can be cropped and still retain its integrity. I never worry about cropping cause sometimes half a picture can be a lot better than a whole one…

    Good luck!

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