Once upon a time I really enjoyed watching the Saturday afternooon fights on ABC TV. Saw Ali a few times when he was still Cassius Clay. I watched the Hagler-Hearns fight in a state of shock at the amount of punishment they endured. The first few years of Mike Tyson’s carreer was something to behold. Watching him despatch his opponents in less than two minutes time and time again, was astonishing. Unfortunately, when Mike decided to bite off Holyfield’s ear, I had seen enough. I know that are always going to great boxers and I guess I finally lost my lust for watching two men try and destroy each other.

Mayweather is a great fighter, but when he just pronounced on HBO that he’s the best fighter of all time, he made me wonder. Then I had to wonder no longer as he proclaimed that he was not only better than Muhammad Ali, but he thought that he was even better than Sugar Ray Robinson! Yes you bad and you know what…fuck off

All Photos © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on ““Homeless man watching Tommy “The Duke” Morrison go down” Times Sq. 2009

  1. Every now and then, something starts to bother me and I have to blow off some steam. Mayweather touting that he’s better than Sugar Ray,
    is like some hot new artist bragging that he’s better than vanGogh…Thanks!

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