Shooting in the subways is street photography, but with nowhere to run. Sometimes as I look back on this project, I wonder what was I thinking. There were a few nasty comments and luckily only one moment when I knew I had gone too far…

All Photos © Matt Weber

6 thoughts on “Broadway Local 2007

  1. Hi Matt. I was wondering if you could tell us more about the nasty comments and in general about your experience photographing people (strangers). Thank you!

  2. Sometimes people are very stressed out when stuck on a crowded train. Normally it’s “You didn’t take my picture did you?” And I do what ever I can to explain myself. This wasn’t one of those times. One time I got pinned up against a door by two guys, and luckily they decided to let me slide…I don’t think I am going to push my luck much more.

  3. Oh wow! And are any of your photos shot from the hip?

    The shutter snap is certainly an attention grabber…

  4. I’m not a gifted hipshooter and if the snap did give away my intent, I’d look pretty guilty shooting from the hip…Also the chance of a well composed picture is at least 50% less likely…

  5. Unless you use a fast lens I suppose having to use a flash in low light situations doesn’t help you to go unnoticed. I always consider people shots but usually become reluctant for the reasons you mention. The ones I do take are most often with a telephoto, giving myself some room from confrontation. I don’t know what would be worst… A broken nose or camera?

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