This is the cover of a limited edition book about the election of president Obama.

The eighteen images in the book are shown in their exact sequence here.

Only 200 copies were printed and a few are still Available.

Email for info at:

8 thoughts on “Obama Cover 2009

    1. The book is actually the exhibition catalog from a show I had last summer.
      My publisher was charging $40 which may be steep, but it is a very limited
      print run and won’t be reprinted. I need to get a copy to the White House,
      for O’s inevitable library. Regardless of how the next three years play out,
      the excitement of that evening was unbelievable and was a thrill to record…

    1. OK…If you paypal me at my email address, I’ll cover the postage and ship a signed copy anywhere in the USA
      As I said, the $40 price is because of the tiny print run…Thanks!

      There also is a Ltd Edition of 26 lettered copies for $150 which has an 8×10″ signed fiber print of the cover image.
      I think there are several copies left, and could have the publisher ship it. All copies were signed on the last page…

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