NYC Street Photography by Matt Weber

April 19, 2014

Winter 2012

winter-mattweber-nyc©Matt Weber

April 8, 2014

“Happy” 2013

happy-woman-matt-weber©Matt Weber

April 1, 2014

Family 2005

family-matt-weber©Matt Weber

March 15, 2014

West 86th Street 2004 (Super-Crop)

STARE-86-Cropt©Matt Weber

March 14, 2014

Toy Dog (Super-Crop) 2009

Filed under: (Street photography), Urban Wildlife, Women of New York — Matt Weber @ 10:44 pm

TableDogs copy©Matt Weber

“Working Girl” 1985 (Super-Crop)

YoungHooker-SuperCrop©Matt Weber

Obama Wins! 2008 (Super-Crop)

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Obama-Ecstatic copyIn 2009 I created a folder of  “Super-Crops” which I thought were kinda interesting.

Now having had this folder on my desktop for five years, it’s time to clean up…


All Images ©Matt Weber

March 7, 2014

Times Sq. 2013

times-square-nude-matt-weberHomeward Bound…

©Matt Weber

February 15, 2014

AFRO 2006 (Old Scan)

afro-NYC-matt-weber©Matt Weber

February 7, 2014

All You Need

42d-Street-sex-matt-weber©Matt Weber

February 6, 2014

Coney Island 2013


Could this be a “Tramp Stamp”?

©Matt Weber

January 30, 2014

Lower East Side 1988 A.K.A. “Lisette Model”

lisette-model-homage-matt-weberA scan from an old print which was meant to pay homage to one of photography’s legends…

©Matt Weber

January 21, 2014

Perfect Light 2013

Perfect-Light-Ladies-2013 Every now and then, the light is just right…

©Matt Weber

January 14, 2014

Broadway Local 2013

woman-nyc-subway-matt-weber©Matt Weber

January 13, 2014


LOOK-matt-weber©Matt Weber

January 5, 2014

Gail Comes 2013

gail-comes-matt-weber©Matt Weber

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