Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

January 30, 2015

Everyone didn’t drive a Checker…1985

Most of us drove Chevy’s and Ford’s…

©Matt WeberChevy-Impala-Taxi-Cab-1985 copy

January 29, 2015

Night Shift 1985


January 27, 2015

Peekskill Hollow 1985

Finally scanned this picture of a “Real” gas station which was still in all its 1950’s glamour. The pumps were still operational and my pal’s car was a 1967 R/S small block Camaro…

©Matt WeberCamaro-Amoco-globes-1985 copy

January 25, 2015

West Side Highway (Formerly Miller Highway) 1985

©Matt Webermiller-highway-nyc

January 24, 2015

Upper West Side 1985

It has always been common to see a twenty year old Chevrolet on the streets of Manhattan. So why is this anything but common?   ©Matt WeberSilver-Corvette-1985 copy

January 20, 2015

The Beacon Bowling Alley 1985

©Matt Weberneon-sign-lit=up

January 17, 2015

Checker Heading West on 86th Street 1985

The little five story buildings in the background are no longer with us. A 21 story uber edifice replaced them in 2008 and there are 21 apartments in the building…©Matt Weberchecker-taxi-nyc-1985

January 14, 2015

Harlem 1985

©Matt WeberHarlem-White-Trucks-RGB-1985 copy

January 12, 2015

West Side Highway 1985

The old lampposts on the west side highway were noteworthy to me as I began photographing New York.

©Matt Weberold-lamppost-nyc

January 8, 2015

Brooklyn 1985

Studebaker went out of business in ’66 but this dealer was still standing in Brooklyn almost twenty years later…

©Matt WeberStudebaker-Brooklyn-1985 copy

January 7, 2015

Union Sq. 1985

Union Sq. is now a very happening meeting place for the younger New Yorkers, but thirty years ago, it wasn’t…©Matt WeberUnionSq-RGB-1985 copy

January 5, 2015

A pair of “Fishbowls” 1986

The GM “Fishbowl” Busses hit the street around 1961 and were still running till 1990 or so, at least as the 86th St crosstown they were…©Matt Weber2-Fishbowl-GM-Buses-1986 copy

January 4, 2015

Untitled 2014

©Matt WeberBus-BlackMan-Yellow-Pole-2014 copy

December 27, 2014

West 86th Street & Broadway 1985

The view from the roof of my old building…


©Matt WeberWest-86-Street-SLOANS-1985 copy

December 26, 2014

West Side Highway 1984

WESTSIDE-HIGHWAY-1985-Diner copy

December 21, 2014

Self-Titled 2013

*Empire-Sights-NY-2013 copy©Matt Weber

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