Hello Spring!

This past winter was the coldest one in a long time. I stayed in my room scanning old negatives and considered myself very lucky for the distraction! This picture and the expression on these fellow New Yorkers, sums up the way I feel about winter. Not ready for Florida yet, but I’m getting long in the tooth and my bones don’t deal with 10º weather the way the once did…Good riddance! ©MATT WEBERnyc-winter-2015

“Upper West Side” 2011

I don’t get excited by snow anymore. My friend Dave hits Central Park and takes many a beautiful landscape of the snow laden branches of the suddenly pristine winter wonderland. Then he told me his biggest challenge in post-processing his pictures is, removing all the other photographers! This winter the snow piled up and lasted forever. There’s still December snow on some corners as we turn the calendar to March. I went out photographed all the crusty dirty snow and found that, “Black is still beautiful” even when it comes to frozen water…


All Photos © Matt Weber