Herman R.I.P. 1995

All Photos © Matt Weber

This is how I want to remember Herman Markowitz. Smiling and being a sweet old man. When he was released from the concentration camp, he weighed less than ninety pounds. As you can see he was well built. He said he was a talented wrestler, and he was very strong into his seventies. In 1956 he moved into a 3d floor studio apartment on West 86th Street. His rent was $56 per month! When he died in 2007, his rent had climbed to $218 per month. He spent his working years in a factory in Jersey working a lathe and stamping metal pieces for who knows what. He had one close call with falling in love back in the sixties, but it didn’t work out. I should have taped our conversations. The stories he told me about being stuck in a Nazi work camp during the war, will fuck me up till the day I die…

Hotel Martinique 1988

The Martinique was a welfare hotel back in the ’80s and the kids would spill out into the streets. I should probably have spent some time shooting them, but I just stopped my cab, put on the blinkers and took several shots of these kids crawling up onto the phone booths. I’ve always been on the move and it’s now obvious that slowing down and staying put is a very good strategy, but the old cliche that you can’t teach an old dog, well you know what I mean…

This is a mediocre scan from an old print and will be rescanned one day, hopefully sooner than later.

All Photos © Matt Weber

The Unknown Soldier “Marine” 1989

A friend who knows a lot more about photography as an art than I do, once told me “This is the image that you’ll be remembered for” Like anyone else who’s not dead or in a wheelchair, I’d like to think that I may still have something else up my sleeve. I’m not saying that having a signature image is without any value. It could be nice to win a Pulitzer and be famous for a week, but there have been those photographers known for that one killer shot, and then many others known for their brilliant careers…Which one would you like to be?

All Photos © Matt Weber