Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

January 30, 2011

“Monument Valley” 1992

I really found landscape photography boring, or I would have done a lot more of it. It’s like fairly obvious when something is beautiful and majestic. Then all one needs to do is back up a few more feet till everything is in the viewfinder, and then take a meter reading of something medium light, or medium dark and then assign “Zone 5” to it. Then hold your breath and release the shutter. One could even use a tripod if one were very serious…I think the first time I saw Marc Riboud’s exhibit at ICP back in the late ’80s I knew the work he had done was much more challenging, and the prints were so much more interesting. I had the good fortune to learn all the technical stuff from Ansel Adam’s how to books, but wanted to try and do what Riboud had done. I never got to the level where Marc or his predecessor Cartier-Bresson lived, but at least I didn’t bore myself to death trying to make pretty things look pretty…


All Photos © Matt Weber

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