Before the Future Came and Bit Me!

In 1977 when I took my girl to see this movie, I thought it sucked. Lame music and stupid white guys from Brooklyn. If you would have told me back then that 34 years later I would consider the film a classic and at 3 am half asleep, I’d take a picture of my TV set this good, with my telephone no less, well I would have had to consult a copy of “Future Shock” to see if  this scenario was likely…I never read Toffler’s look into the future, but I guess he must have been right about enough stuff to make it such a bestseller. The telephone wristwatch was something which seemed to be in most futurists vision, but still hasn’t become a hit. Robots may build cars, but Rosie isn’t washing anyone’s dishes yet. That we haven’t been driving electric cars for the past quarter century is a crime…I’d be happy if they’d come up with a cancer drug that worked. That was one thing I was certain would be invented when I saw the Apollo crew land on the moon as a kid…

I still don’t own any records by The Beegees

All Photos © Matt Weber