Empire State Building 1986

The Empire State Building has always been the one for me. I know the Chrysler is more beautiful and the World Trade was taller, but this building has meant New York to me since I was a kid. This view was also important to me since as a child I always enjoyed reading all the names of the different countries on the round porcelain signs, which lined both sides of “The Avenue of the Americas”

A large signed print might not be a terrible Christmas gift (How’s that for a sales pitch?)

©Matt Weber

“Empire Checker” 1988-9

I remember being excited with this view as I wiggled back and forth behind this checker, trying to line up the Empire State Building for this image….Unfortunately I underexposed this frame badly and can’t get a great print / scan from this negative. This view was gone shortly thereafter as the new office building has blocked the majestic “ESB” and I guess I’m lucky to have this picture at all…


©Matt Weber

“Collateral Damage” September 11th 2001

A friend of mine mentioned that there was this action movie due to hit the theaters soon after 9/11 and wondered if a lot of people went out to see it. I don’t think this picture is very special to look at, but the thought process behind it is far from routine. I had just watched the tallest building in New York collapse twenty minutes earlier, and the Empire State Building had always been my favorite. In the crazy unthinkable events of that morning, I thought that another jumbo jet would be zeroing in on the ESB at any minute. Fortunately, that never transpired, but you can see how a completely frazzled mind would think that I better take one last shot of that amazing edifice…

One more thing, the movie poster reads “Veteran firefighter’s wife and child killed in bomb blast!”

All Photos © Matt Weber