“Flower Girl” 2007

I guess if I’m going to try and hawk prints on the net, I should occasionally offer ones which have a chance of selling…This picture makes me happy and has won numerous awards. Well, if I had entered it into a few trivial contests it might have held its own, but I’m just rambling on as I often do when I find myself in the uncomfortable position of having to try and sell my work…

12×18 prints available at a price which won’t hurt as much as my dentist, and will cost less than he charges for a cleaning. Maybe I should find another guy but he’s Derek Jeter’s dentist and I feel I deserve the best too.


©Matt Weber

“Baseball’s Been Very Good To Me!” 1989

It’s way too early to make predictions, or is it? The Metsies are suppose to struggle and barely win 80 games and the Yankees are suppose to coast to 92 wins and at least a wildcard slot…I won’t be very surprised if the Mets overachieve and win 85 games, while the Yanks stumble under a thousand pitching changes (LITERALLY) and also win 85 games…


©Matt Weber