“Brooklyn Streetball” 1989 (New Scan)

Stickball-Brooklyn-1989-8000 copy

I finally finished scanning the majority of the older work I did back in the ’80s last night. I have plenty of current work and some medium format stuff I’ve been avoiding, and I also have a huge amount of my “Prime” negatives in need of being rescanned…I’m still relieved to have gotten through this portion of my work which has taken me over two years!


©Matt Weber

“Baseball’s Been Very Good To Me!” 1989

It’s way too early to make predictions, or is it? The Metsies are suppose to struggle and barely win 80 games and the Yankees are suppose to coast to 92 wins and at least a wildcard slot…I won’t be very surprised if the Mets overachieve and win 85 games, while the Yanks stumble under a thousand pitching changes (LITERALLY) and also win 85 games…


©Matt Weber

West 42d Street 1988

Anyone who lived in New York back in the 1980s remembers this giant painting of “The Doctor”. Yes, the ’80s were a time when the Mets ruled New York. Many younger fans jumped aboard and I can’t blame them. The Yankees were suffering from Steinbrenner’s miserly years, when he colluded with other owners and tried to halt the giving out of huge contracts, which of course was his doing in the first place. Meanwhile the Mets had the two best young players in the game…Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden. As a Yankee fan I had to concede that the Mets were better. This trivial nonsense matters little to most people, but to diehard baseball fans, it was torture! I think Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York will appreciate this photograph or at least I hope so. The Wilpon /Madoff fiasco is making it rather hard to be a Met fan these days. Maybe the young stockbroker who bought into the Mets will turn out to be their knight in shining armor…

Street Photography © Matt Weber