“New Mexico” 1992

A few weeks ago during one of the winter’s many snowfalls, I left my boots outside in front of my door and someone complained. My boots bothered this person so much that an official complaint was issued to the management of my building. A rich person with absolutely no life, had nothing better to do than be annoyed by a pair of Timberland’s fouling up her view on the way to her apartment. How do I know it was a woman? I don’t, but I have a feeling that’s all. It’s enough to make one wonder if living life, out on the mesa with nobody else around, wouldn’t be a bad idea…

Do they have a Starbucks nearby?

All Photos © Matt Weber

“Arizona-New Mexico” 1992

I’m not sure where I was when I came upon these kids. I took very few pictures of people on my cross country trip and wish I had been more aggressive in that dept…I was feeling like a stranger in a strange land, having never left New York for more than a few days. The negatives from this trip were sitting around collecting dust for the past nineteen years and I finally took them out a few weeks ago. Turns out that there were plenty of shots that were decent enough to scan and I suppose the trip was much more successful than I had thought. Maybe it’s just the passage of time which has a way of making certain pictures seem more special than they really are…


All Photos © Matt Weber