“The Fuller Building” 2010

The Fuller building on east 57th Street is very beautiful. Even the elevators are amazing. Here I’m photographing my kid after seeing the Peter Sekaer exhibit at Howard Greenberg’s gallery. Sekaer was a good friend of Walker Evans and traveled with Evans down south as Walker made many of his signature images. Meanwhile Sekaer was busy taking  pictures which at times were virtually identical, and at other times completely different than Evans. The monograph on Sekaer was very overdue and is a good book to say the least. I usually lament the books that come out a few years after a photographer dies, but in this case it’s fucking ridiculous…Peter Sekaer died in 1950 and his monograph was published in 2010!

Better late than never…

All Photos © Matt Weber

Central Park 2009

That night thirty years ago, stunned, I just sat at home and played “You’ve got to hide your love away” over and over again. I was love sick and now totally devastated as well. I sat there sniffing line after line, thinking that the world would never be the same. I was certain it would get much worse. It was every bad emotion culminating at once. So many tears…Looking back, it wasn’t as bad as Pearl Harbor or D-Day. It wasn’t as bad as 9/11, but it’s still something impossible to forget…

All Photos © Matt Weber