NYC Street Photography by Matt Weber

September 5, 2014

59th Street Bridge 1988

edddie-murphy-matt-weber©Matt Weber

August 19, 2014

Blood Wedding 1988

theThalia-Matt-weber©Matt Weber

August 18, 2014

Rihanna 42d Street

times-sq-rihanna-matt-weber©Matt Weber 2014

August 15, 2014

“Nadia” Times Sq. 1990

times-square-matt-weber©Matt Weber

July 26, 2014

Police Headquarters 1989

police-matt-weberOf course they turned the building into a bunch of condos…

©Matt Weber

Self Titled

Heavenly-Rest-Stop-matt-weber©Matt Weber 2014

July 18, 2014

“The Big Selfie”

instagram-times-square-matt-weber©Matt Weber 2014

July 12, 2014

14th Street & 3d Ave. 1990

14th-Street-Snow-matt-weber©Matt Weber

July 6, 2014

“The Death of Photography”

death-of-photography-matt-weberRecently I was told by a very knowledgeable fellow that photography was dead, and that we had entered the post photography era, or something to that effect. Well maybe the fact that everyone has a camera and is photographing every single person on this planet, could have devalued the art slightly.

I’m not an expert on the business end, and I may be the worst business person on earth, but there has been a big change in actual prints and how they are sold. An Edward Weston pepper will still get furious bidding, but many other living photographers (Like myself) are finding it harder to sell even our best images….

Bla bla bla. I know this is old news.

©Matt Weber

June 24, 2014

“The First and Worst Taxi I Ever Drove” 1988

dodge-taxi1988-matt-weber©Matt Weber

June 14, 2014


deep-impact-1998-matt-weber©Matt Weber

June 12, 2014

‘Self Titled’ 1988

nyc-hookers-prostitutes-matt-weberStreet Art aimed at the “John’s” who would line up in their cars on 11th Ave…

©Matt Weber

June 7, 2014

LION 1992

LION-gasoline-Sign-matt-weberOn the outskirts of Little Rock perhaps…

©Matt Weber

June 6, 2014

Las Vegas 1992

Wedding-Chapel-Las-Vegas-Matt-weberThis was the first time I used oil paints on a photograph and I think the results were OK. I had finally reached Vegas on my cross country trip in 1992 and I didn’t have anymore Kodachrome….

©Matt Weber

June 5, 2014

Lower East Side 1959 by Robert Anzell

Orchard-St-Bob-Anzell-59121 copyI think my uncle told me that this was Orchard Street circa 1959. The year is not in doubt, but I don’t recognize the corner…

©Bob Anzell


June 1, 2014

NYC 1988

torn-poster-matt-weber©Matt Weber

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