Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

March 4, 2015


Here’s one for the upper east siders who might recall shopping here or at least passing by…

©Matt WeberImported-Paprika-1986 copy

March 3, 2015

China House 1985

China-House-Neon-1985 copy©Matt WeberChina-House-Neon-1985 copy

March 2, 2015

Times Sq. 1985

Times Sq. could be a fairly intimidating place late at night…

©Matt Weberold-neon-nyc

February 25, 2015

Shanghai Cafe 1985

©Matt WeberShanghai-Cafe-Neon-1985 copy

February 24, 2015

SOHO 1986

Does anyone remember this little newsstand turned fruit stand on Prince St? One day the owner discovered these vintage Camel signs underneath some plywood, and the pickup truck complimented the scene perfectly…

©Matt WeberCamel-Signs-Pickup-Truck-Soho-1986 copy

February 23, 2015

Bill’s Flower Market 1986

Bill's-Flower-market-nyc-1986 copy

February 22, 2015

“A” From the Swedish American Sign at Pier 97 Circa 1985

©Matt WeberPIER-97-A-1985 copy

“Avenue of the Americas” 1987

©Matt WeberAve-Americas-6thAve-USA-Sign-1987 copy

February 21, 2015

“Spirit in the Sky” 1986

Go ahead on Mr. Business man, you can’t dress like me…

©Matt Webercolumbus-circle-1986

February 20, 2015

Shea Stadium 1972

I can’t believe I didn’t take any snaps of the old Yankee stadium, but this is all I have…

©Matt WeberMets-Shea-Rheingold-1972 copy

February 19, 2015

St. Marks Place & 1st Ave. 1986

I never was much of a drinker, or I would have spent some time in this joint…

©Matt WeberST.Marks-BAR-1986

February 18, 2015

Triangle Hotel 1986

The “Meat Packing” district has been improved greatly, and if you bought real estate there twenty years ago, bully for you… others would disagree…©Matt WeberTriangle-Hotel-1986 copy

February 15, 2015

My Stoop 1986

©Matt Weberupper-west-side

“Blue Movie” 1985

©Matt WeberSEX-PLAY-3-Blue-Movie-1985 copy

February 12, 2015

Times Square Go-Go Club 1985

I shot a few rolls of Ektachrome and some of the older rolls have faded badly. Maybe the sign was so vivid that the emulsion still held enough of the original colors to look decent thirty years later…

©Matt WeberMETROPOLE-GO-GO-NEON-1985 copy

February 10, 2015


The last time I was here, Big Audio Dynamite was playing and I was disappointed by the sound, but I’m not much of an expert in these things…

©Matt WeberROSELAND-1985 copy

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