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  1. Hello! How’s it going? My name is Mike and I came across your site in search of fresh images and ideas. I really enjoy your street work! I’m a student studying photography and lately I am having trouble choosing my “niche”. I enjoy making photographs of many different things, I want to be a multi-faceted photographer in the studio and on location. I currently live in Denver and I love it here but I would be willing to move to a larger market for better career opportunity. I like everything from photojournalism to table top studio photography, so I’m trying to keep my options available.

    I think having a large skill set will be beneficial instead of just focusing on one type of photography. A lot of my classmates are focusing purely on fashion photography and sometimes I feel like an outsider because I want to be artsy but yet commercial. Maybe I’m just not sure who I am yet as a photographer, which can be confusing at times. One of my assignments is to contact 10 photographers, if you have the time to respond to this email I’d greatly appreciate it. Here are some questions for you too, if you feel any of them are obtrusive I apologize ahead of time. Thank you tons for your time!

    Q: What were you doing when you heard John Lennon had died?

    Q: How did you get started in photography?

    Q: What kind of training or education did you receive?

    Q: Do you recommend internships or assisting? How long, where, and for whom?

    Q: Can you recommend any other education, training, preparation, or skills to have?

    Q: What do you like the most about your work? What do you like the least?

    Q: How has your role changed during your years as a photographer? How do you keep current?

    Q: Do you recommend joining professional organizations and if so which ones?

    Q: What is a typical day/week/month like for you?

    Q: Overall how much time do you think you spend making photographs?

    Q: Do you spend a lot of time doing pre-production and post-production?

    Q: How did you decide what to specialize in?

    Q: Do you have any advice for a budding photographer?

    Q: How do you go about marketing yourself?

    Q: Can you suggest any other photographers I can contact?

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