16 thoughts on “9-11-01! copy

  1. Very interesting juxtaposition in this shot. I tried to make it up to Manhattan from the northern suburbs of Philly on 9/11 and ended up parking my car and hiking across Jersey City to a medical aid station set up across the Hudson across from the WTC. While I walked and was looking at the towering column of smoke, I passed a side street where a group of approx 20 males were gathered around a car and were having some sort of party-the stereo was pumping out loud bass. Just seemed very odd. You have some great images-check out mine if you get the chance: http://www.pbase.com/slhfoto/gallerysept_11th_2001

  2. Stacy, you took a lot of very good pictures despite being across the river! I remember little about that morning as my wife was pregnant and due. I was unable to call her on a cell phone and
    she ended up having to walk home FIVE miles because there was no transportation. I was in a state of shock for days, maybe weeks as I watched CNN and saw the world change in
    ways I’d never have imagined…

  3. I remember walking to the university. The college bus had its headlights on and I could not comprehend why the driver had the headlights on on such a bright sunny day. It was only at the University library I saw the huge tv screen showing the smoking towers. Long afterward I realised that the bus driver was so shocked by the events that he was doing his routine without being aware of his surroundings.

  4. A stunning juxtaposition of perfect innocence and perfect violence. The graying out of the towers due to distance is a perfect analog of the dim, washed-out memories of the day this child might have, receded in distance and time. Superb photograph.

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