16 thoughts on “9-11-01! copy

  1. You are quickly becoming one my favorite photographers. You have so many gems and photos like this that truly document NYC with all its highs and lows.

  2. This photo literally gave me chills. What an absolutely incredible photo, so very symbolic. Well done.

  3. Very interesting juxtaposition in this shot. I tried to make it up to Manhattan from the northern suburbs of Philly on 9/11 and ended up parking my car and hiking across Jersey City to a medical aid station set up across the Hudson across from the WTC. While I walked and was looking at the towering column of smoke, I passed a side street where a group of approx 20 males were gathered around a car and were having some sort of party-the stereo was pumping out loud bass. Just seemed very odd. You have some great images-check out mine if you get the chance: http://www.pbase.com/slhfoto/gallerysept_11th_2001

  4. Stacy, you took a lot of very good pictures despite being across the river! I remember little about that morning as my wife was pregnant and due. I was unable to call her on a cell phone and
    she ended up having to walk home FIVE miles because there was no transportation. I was in a state of shock for days, maybe weeks as I watched CNN and saw the world change in
    ways I’d never have imagined…

  5. I remember walking to the university. The college bus had its headlights on and I could not comprehend why the driver had the headlights on on such a bright sunny day. It was only at the University library I saw the huge tv screen showing the smoking towers. Long afterward I realised that the bus driver was so shocked by the events that he was doing his routine without being aware of his surroundings.

  6. A stunning juxtaposition of perfect innocence and perfect violence. The graying out of the towers due to distance is a perfect analog of the dim, washed-out memories of the day this child might have, receded in distance and time. Superb photograph.

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