Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

November 20, 2015

Amsterdam Ave. 1969

This is just a frame from an 8mm film I shot with a friend when I was a kid, but it is like looking into a lost world. The upper west side was. Not worth belaboring the obvious…

©Matt WeberAmsterdamAve-Ruleta-1969

NYC 2015

**6-Hassidic-young-Men copy©Matt Weber

November 16, 2015

The Parking Ticket

$115 can get almost anyone angry…

©Matt Weber*Ticket-Fight copy

November 5, 2015

“3 Bros or 4 Bros Coffee Shop” 1990

2-Girls-Smoking-Cafe-1990 copyI can’t recall which of our Greek coffee shop’s I was photographing  25 years ago…

©Matt Weber

November 3, 2015

“Sad Guard Dog” NYC 1993

©Matt Weberthe sad guardian copy

October 31, 2015

Phone Booth 1989

©Matt WeberPhoneBooth-Legs-1989 copy

October 26, 2015

“The 79th St. RESTAURANT” 1985

This greasy spoon is rarely mentioned when discussing the “old” upper west side…

©Matt Weber79st-Restaurant-neon-1985 copy

September 28, 2015


©Matt Weber*1972-Nova-Boy copy

September 27, 2015


©Matt Weber 2015**Striped-Ladder-Pregnant copy

September 24, 2015

96th & Broadway

©Matt Weber**Sub-Plaza-96-SAIL-BOAT copy

September 20, 2015

Lincoln Center

©Matt Weber 2015Licoln-center

September 14, 2015

The Islanders 2015

©Matt WeberTeens-Days-inn-pull-ups-

September 10, 2015


*Purple-Balloon-Broadway! copy©Matt Weber 2015

September 5, 2015

Broadway 2015

**White-Thumbs-Tooth copy

The White Thumbs are not a rock band…


September 2, 2015

JOE-182 & Barbara-62 1985

JOE-182-BARBARA-62-1985 copy©Matt Weber

September 1, 2015

NYC 2015

Black-Boy-Running-Fountain copy©Matt Weber

August 31, 2015

Broadway 2015

©Matt Weber*OneLegged-Coffee copy

August 27, 2015

Upper West Side 2015

©Matt Weber*Red-Orange-Poles-Cones (2015 of 1) copy 3

August 19, 2015


Woman-Runs-Car-Crash-Night copy©Matt Weber

August 14, 2015

“Heatwave” 2015

©Matt WeberHydrant-Summer-Rest-Hood copy

July 20, 2015

West 63d Street (Thelonious Sphere Monk Circle) 1985

This dead end block is one of the last traces of an entire neighborhood which was razed to make way for Lincoln Center. West Side Story was filmed in “San Juan Hill” and also east Harlem, but this was where the story was suppose to take place. Monk lived in a tenement here for many years, and the city finally renamed this block after him…

©Matt Weber

Thelonious-circle-1985 copy

July 19, 2015

“20 Year Old Chevrolet” 1985

Silly title, but this was a twenty year old Chevy, even if it was also one of the most perfect cars ever built… ©Matt Weber

posy-RedCorvette-1985 copy

July 17, 2015

96th Street & Broadway 2015

©Matt Weber*Sub-96-Plaza-Woman! copy

96th Street & Broadway 2015

©Matt Weber*4-Men-96-sub-2015 copy

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