Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

October 19, 2014

NYC 1987 (New Scan)


Originally titled “Portrait without Permission”

©Matt Weber

June 23, 2014

Yonkers N.Y. 1998

yonkers-ghetto-matt-weberI am rescanning  my images from “The Urban Prisoner” for an I-Pad version. This chore has dragged on and on, as finding over 100 negatives is harder than I thought. A few were not segregated from Gen Pop and have been a real bitch to find…

©Matt Weber

May 24, 2014

10th Ave. 1989

hell's kitchen-matt-weber-kiss-loversStill trying to rescan ALL of the plates from my book and I had no idea that this project would be so time consuming…

©Matt Weber

May 17, 2014

“Cigar Aficionado” 1989

Cigar-Aficionado-matt-weberI am rescanning all the plates in my book, The Urban Prisoner for a digital version which will be available for purchase on Ipads…

©Matt Weber

May 13, 2014

“The Urban Prisoner” 1989 (New Scan)

Urban-Prisoner-matt-weberIf any of my images were overdue for a good scanning, this one was…

©Matt Weber


April 23, 2014

“Subway Sign” The Bronx 1986

subway-sign-porcelain-matt-weberOne of the nicer porcelain subway signs I have seen…I’ll print this one life size if you want…

©Matt Weber

April 13, 2014

“The Attack on West 55th Street” Triptych 1988


November 1, 2013

“Don’t Worry Baby” 1989

lovers-nyc-matt-weberProbably should have included this image in my book, as I have always liked this image…

©Matt Weber

October 22, 2013

DO 2003

Kiss-Lovers-NYC-matt-weber©Matt Weber

September 28, 2012

“PINK” 2012

©Matt Weber

July 17, 2012

“The Hotdog Handoff” 2011

If you want a giant poster size print of this minor New York moment, a print of surprising quality, at a price equally surprising, can be obtained easily with just an e-mail…


©Matt Weber

January 6, 2012

“Higher Goals” Harlem 1988

©Matt Weber

December 31, 2011

“Double X-File” Harlem 1986-7

©Matt Weber

December 29, 2011

West 86th Street 1988

©Matt Weber

December 1, 2011

Welcome to my gallery featuring 4 Decades of New York Street Photographs

I want you to enjoy my galleries of street photography without getting lost. There are many different galleries with subjects you can peruse. If you you are interested in Subway photos there are plenty of images which show the NYC subway system in all its "splendor" Maybe you want to see some pictures of Harlem when it was still Harlem.You can leave comments if you feel so inclined. Most images can be purchased as signed  ptints for your collection.  "The Urban Prisoner" (Shown on the left) is my first monograph, published in 2004 by Sanctuary Books. Introduction by Ben Lifson. There are still some copies available for purchase. Please inquire about licensing my images for documentary use. Blu-Ray quality files (or 4K) are available for any project you may be working on…Thanks!

Black & White Photos of New York FOR SALE

E-mail Photographer     ALL PHOTOS ©MATT WEBER

The Urban Prisoner is now available SIGNED!

*NEW BOOK! “Coney Island-Double Vision”

“More Than the Rainbow” Documentary

New York Times “Street Fights!”

Forward Thinking Museum

SLATE.COM…Urban Love!

The Daily Mail UK

“Street Reverb”


REVIEWS: The Urban Prisoner

May 21, 2010

Zoo York 2010

I had a few different shirts made with Zoo York  over the last few years, but I never saw one on the street. (or beneath it) A few weeks ago I saw this kid riding the number 3 train and took this picture for totally self serving reasons…I have been completely useless in promoting myself for as long as I can remember, and this is hardly going to matter, but better late than never…

All Photos © Matt Weber

April 26, 2010

“The Attack on West 55th Street” 1988

All Photos © Matt Weber

April 22, 2010

September 11th 2001

All Photos © Matt Weber

April 8, 2010

Central Park Zoo 1967

This might be the first photograph I ever took. There were none taken in ’66…I like that this image has a dark foreboding vibe to it. I also like that this was Winogrand’s world that I may have taken my first picture in! I came here often with my grandma, and I’m sure that on one of those sunny days, Garry was clicking away while I shoved peanuts down this poor guy’s trunk…

All Photos © Matt Weber

March 25, 2010

“JESUS SAID” Times Square 1988

All Photos © Matt Weber

March 15, 2010

NYC 2000

All Photos © Matt Weber

March 12, 2010

Midnight Kiss 1989

A simple photograph that has received more comments than any I’ve taken…

Proving that deep down, people still believe in love!

All Photos © Matt Weber

March 11, 2010

The Holiday Cocktail Lounge 1990

The “holiday” is a popular dive bar on St. Marks Place which I must have passed a thousand times. This time, someone had left their little sidekick outside while they attempted to wet their whistle…

All Photos © Matt Weber

March 9, 2010

Herman R.I.P. 1995

All Photos © Matt Weber

This is how I want to remember Herman Markowitz. Smiling and being a sweet old man. When he was released from the concentration camp, he weighed less than ninety pounds. As you can see he was well built. He said he was a talented wrestler, and he was very strong into his seventies. In 1956 he moved into a 3d floor studio apartment on West 86th Street. His rent was $56 per month! When he died in 2007, his rent had climbed to $218 per month. He spent his working years in a factory in Jersey working a lathe and stamping metal pieces for who knows what. He had one close call with falling in love back in the sixties, but it didn’t work out. I should have taped our conversations. The stories he told me about being stuck in a Nazi work camp during the war, will fuck me up till the day I die…

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