Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

February 1, 2015

“Shredded” 1985

These two little houses were located at 84th & 1st Ave…

©Matt Weberdemolition-nyc

January 31, 2015

The Thalia 1985

A slightly rare look at the Thalia from behind…

©Matt WeberThalia-Backside-1986 copy

Farewell Daitch Shopwell 1985

©Matt WeberWorker-Demo-Bees-1985 copy

“Once Upon a Time in New York”

©Matt Weber 1987Sam-Rohn-Montes-1987 copy

January 30, 2015

NYC 1985

©Matt Weberempire-state-building-sunset

Everyone didn’t drive a Checker…1985

Most of us drove Chevy’s and Ford’s…

©Matt WeberChevy-Impala-Taxi-Cab-1985 copy

January 29, 2015

Night Shift 1985


January 28, 2015

Levy’s Famous Frankfurters 1985

©Matt WeberLEVY's-Franks-1985 copy

January 27, 2015

Peekskill Hollow 1985

Finally scanned this picture of a “Real” gas station which was still in all its 1950’s glamour. The pumps were still operational and my pal’s car was a 1967 R/S small block Camaro…

©Matt WeberCamaro-Amoco-globes-1985 copy

January 26, 2015

Corner Book Store 1985

To heck with the snow, I found this snap last night which will compliment the B&W version I posted earlier…

©Matt WeberCorner-Book-Store-RGB-1985 copy


©Matt Weberhomeless-snow-nyc

January 25, 2015

West Side Highway (Formerly Miller Highway) 1985

©Matt Webermiller-highway-nyc

January 24, 2015

Consecutive Frames 1985

It just so happened that these pictures were of two old movie theaters which were being torn down at the same exact time…Sad if you lived on the upper west side when it was a middle class neighborhood…

©Matt Weberold-movie-theaters-NYC

Upper West Side 1985

It has always been common to see a twenty year old Chevrolet on the streets of Manhattan. So why is this anything but common?   ©Matt WeberSilver-Corvette-1985 copy

January 23, 2015

The Circle Line 1985

I keep finding old negatives from ’85 which have elements of my childhood. This boat would have been the one I rode on several times. Long gone, I imagine it may have been pre-war, and it left one exposed to the elements much more than the new ships…

©Matt Webercircle-line-brooklyn

January 22, 2015

East 14th Street 1985

At first I was far more interested in photographing the old buildings and signs than the people of New York, which is obvious by what I focused my camera on…That would change.

©Matt Weberjefferson-theater-nyc

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