Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

March 19, 2015


©Matt WeberAmato-Opera-1985 copy

“Harvey’s Chelsea Restaurant” 1986

This place was a fixture on West 18th St for over a century!

©Matt Weberh

March 18, 2015

“Blue Sky Restaurant” Interborough Rapid Transit Company 1985


March 17, 2015

“Blue Sky” 1985

This is one of my favorite pictures from the early batch of color I have just recently scanned…©Matt Weberold nyc-diner

March 16, 2015

NYC 1986

©Matt WeberREAGAN-HALLOWEEN-1986 copy

DINER 1985

©Matt WeberChinita-Diner-BackDoor-1985 copy

March 15, 2015

“LIDO DINER” New Jersey 1985

Can never get enough old diners…

©Matt WeberLIDO-Diner-1985 copy

March 14, 2015

Brooklyn 1988

©Matt WeberFUNERAL-1988 copy

“LUNCHEON” Harlem 1985

Harlem-Coke-Buttons-1985 copyThis corner was the subject of one of my favorite Black & White pictures.

This image and most others can be licensed for documentary use and is also available as a signed print…

©Matt Weber

March 13, 2015

“Sugar Hill” Harlem 1985

At one point in time, you could double park and come out to find your car stripped down to the bone!

©Matt WeberHarlem-Sugar-Hill-Candy-Car-1985 copy

March 12, 2015

Hotel Breslin 1986

Not sure whatever became of this place…

©Matt WeberHotel-Breslin-1985 copy

March 11, 2015

“Globeless in America” 1985

©Matt WeberOutPost-Gas-Pumps-Clockfaces-1985 copy

NYC 1988

I don’t remember where this picture was taken…

©Matt WeberMan-Enters-Door-1988 copy

March 10, 2015

The Wise Man of 100th Street 1988

Don’t ask why he was wise, I just have a strong feeling about the man…

©Matt WeberOLd-BlackMan-Smoking-100th-st copy

“Leaking Stubby” 1985

I really like this old “Stubby” and its crumbling surroundings which I assume were somewhere in lower Manhattan…

©Matt WeberStubby-Fire-Hydrant-Leaking-1985 copy

March 9, 2015

Upper West Side 1988

A small but “important” detail of this picture is the old 1960’s Pepsi-Cola Sign in the background which had been hanging in front of “La Caridad” for a long time when I snapped these workers riding in the truck. If I wasn’t a sign collector and a fan of their Spanish-American cuisine then I’m sure the demo guys would be the only part of this picture which mattered…

©Matt WeberRite-Way-Demo-LaCaridad-1988 copy

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