Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

January 30, 2016

Untitled 2016

©Matt WeberSub-New-years-Bench copy

January 20, 2016

The 59th Street Bridge 1985

There was a small colony of homeless men who lived on the bridge in ’85-86…©Matt Weber59stBridge-Napper-1985 copy

January 19, 2016

Veselka 1989

©Matt WeberVeselka-Bum-1989-8000 copy

January 12, 2016

Homeless in Manhattan 1990

©Matt WeberHomeless-Subway-Grating-1990 copy

December 25, 2015

Christmas 1988

©Matt WeberChristmas-88-4k copy

December 23, 2015

Untitled 1988

©Matt Weber*3-Suits-Homeless-1988 copy

December 7, 2015

Self Titled 2015

©Matt Weber
**BELIEF-Pray-Homeless-3 copy

November 29, 2015

“Homeless and Fearless” 2015

They woke up a homeless man by kicking the box that he was sleeping in and insulting him, and he grabbed a homemade weapon of some sorts and took after the group.

Then I watched the group back down as they realized their joke had gone too far. The last time I saw one guy stand up to this many guys without displaying fear was in 1979…
**Homeless--Fight-3 copy 2 **Homeless--Fight-weapon! copy

November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 1987

©Matt Weberthanksgiving

October 16, 2015

“The Sun Hotel” 1985

Could this have been the same hotel which is now known as the Sunbright Hotel?

©Matt WeberSUN-HOTEL-RGB-1985 copy

October 9, 2015

Columbus Circle 2015

©Matt Weber*Green-Beard copy

October 6, 2015

“Shooting Gallery” Brooklyn 1989

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crack-den-brooklyn ©Matt Weber

July 3, 2015

Houston Street 1989

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©Matt WeberHomeless-SoCloseToOcean-1989 copy

June 21, 2015

On the Bowery 1985

©Matt Weber
Four-Bowery-Bums-1985 copy

June 11, 2015

Downtown 1988

©Matt WeberHomeless-Posters-1988 copy

May 24, 2015

Morning on the Bowery 1988

©Matt Weberbowery-

May 4, 2015

Broome Street 1988

©Matt WeberBroome-Bums-1988

March 23, 2015

East 9th Street 1986

This man was often seen panhandling on 9th St. just east of 3d Ave. He never said a word…©Matt WeberRED-Hat-Hobo-EAST-9th-St-1986 copy

February 16, 2015

“Harlem Lookout” 1987

I took this picture a few months before taking one of my all time favorites, this one and the one below.

This image and most others can be licensed for documentary use and is also available as a signed print…

©Matt Weberabandoned-building-harlem

February 14, 2015

“Alphabet City” 1986

This image and most others can be licensed for documentary use and is also available as a signed print…

©Matt Weber
"Alphabet City" 1986 urban-blight

January 26, 2015


©Matt Weberhomeless-snow-nyc

January 18, 2015

East Harlem 1988

A rather famous display of stuffed animals in an abandoned building uptown…

©Matt WeberStuffedAnimalTenement-1988 copy

December 22, 2014

Rush Hour 2014

Sub-Litter-Man!-2014 copy

December 11, 2014

“A Carny comes to Coney” 2014

homeless-teenagersThe kid on the right said he was a carny from Texas…

©Matt Weber

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